Delicious and fresh Bakery

We use local flour, rice powder, natural yeast, eggs and fruits. Talented bakers care about aroma, texture, taste, and a lot of people love and looking forwards breads and cookies served from morning.

Open hours
Holiday / Wednesday (others, school holidays etc. / please check in advance)

Bakery school
Bread is very delicious especially hot and fresh from oven.
You can enjoy and be happy if you make your own bread.
(Also you can enjoy your "unique" shape.)
Kids can try form 3 years old. (with parents' help)
Lets enjoy personal made bakery with your kids!

■Bakery school
¥3100 / 1 person (tax included)
2~30 peoples
open class 10:00 or 10:30 (people select either)
※Need reservation 2 days before school hours.

■Enjoyable 1 day plan ¥4100 / 1 person (tax included)
Bakery school + Lunch + hot spring
※Please select either Italian ("Hono vono!") or Japanese restaurant("Komiya") for lunch.

■Group Bakery lesson
・3 breads plan: ¥1980 / 1 person (tax included)
・2 breads plan: ¥1500 / 1 person (tax included)
・10 people~ (max to 60 people / please ask)
・You can bring back the breads you made in school.
※Need reservation. (Please reserve 1 week in advance)
[Things to bring]
1) apron
2) bandana, cap
3) handkerchief, towel
※Need reservation in advance.
You can bring back the breads you made in school.
Kids can try form 3 years old.
※1st time: Beginners class (sweet bread course)
melon Danish, maple bread, cornet, anpan(round soft bread with azuki bean paste), bacon cheese etc.
2 st time: Middle class (bread course)
twist bread, focaccia, roll bread, shrimp bread, star melon Danish etc.
3rd time: Advance class (baguette, croissant course)
baguette, croissant, Danish. (you can enjoy French bread baked)
※Please ask for shape request of your club symbol such as car and musical instrument.