School lunch from "Oishii gakkou"
You can eat dishes by sitting wooden school table and chair in wooden school constructed in Showa era. Dishes are alumite as used to be. We serve "retro and fancy food service" by using local food, and also considering nutrient balance & dietary education.

Dishes were used at this school abolished in 40's Showa.

○Curry rice course ¥1080 (tax included)
Curry rice, fried dish, salad, milk (bottle), and dessert.

○Stew course (not served in August) ¥1080 (tax included)
Cream stew, homemade bread, fried dish, salad, milk (bottle) and dessert.


Open hours
11:30~14:30 / 17:30~20:00

Bakery and coffee shop in classroom

You can use this classroom as Bakery and Coffee shop during 10:00~11:30 (before lunch time) and 14:30~(after lunch time).
 *Soft cream ¥380
 *Gelato ¥350
 *Juice ¥216~350

Open hours
10:00~11:30 / 14:30~20:00


Our food service was introduced in a magazine of Suruga bank, "d-labo".