Tsugane is at south foot of mountain of Mt. Yatsugatake. These area is surrounded by also Mt.Fuji and South Alps, so it has beautiful air, water, and soil. So, Tsugane can provide delicious vegetables and fruits. "Oishii gakkou", used to be school established in Showa era, is in Tsugane and now provide food service (Italian & Japanese restaurant), Bakery, Souvenir shop, Hotel and Hot spring.

Forest still remains, Tsugane still now keep beautiful environment, so, we can provide delicious vegetables and fruits, Kai-sermon, Kai-beef, Fujisakura-pork and Shingen-chicken. You can also enjoy beautiful sight such as cherry blossom, fresh green and apple flower in Spring, firefly in Summer, autumn color of leaves and snow mountains. You can see beautiful starry sky in all season.

Thanks to this precious native environment...