Japanese restaurant "Furumiya"

We will serve best taste by seasonal local food in Hokuto in every season. We will cook local food for best taste, so, you can feel and taste nature and season.
※Please ask for seasonal party and memorial ceremony.
Recommended tea-ceremony dishes
8 people~, need reservation.
Please ask for pick-up service.
"Kaze" course¥3240 (tax included)
"Miyabi" course ¥4320 (tax included)
"Irodori" course ¥5400 (tax included)
※Please ask for other purpose such as "Mujin-kai", memorial ceremony. (depends on budget)
Lunch box by a school principal
¥1620 / 1 person ※4 people~, need reservation
Raw fish, roast dish, cooked dish, "Tempura", dessert, rice and miso-soup.


11:30~14:30 / 17:30~20:00
※Open only for reservation