Hot spring "Aroma spring"
We only use health local herb. We mix the herbs based on phytotherapy, European traditional green therapy. Please enjoy aroma and earth power of "Mt Yatsugatake", and relax yourself. Many guest are satisfied with large spring with safe and relaxed local herb.

Get your "beauty and health" by natural water, air and herb!
We prepare differed herb in season and time (day or night). You can enjoy the effective hot spring at the best moment.

Opening hours
April~November weekdays 16:00~20:00(last reception)
Saturday・Sunday・Holidays 13:00~21:00(last reception)
※Please ask for Opening days.
Holiday: Wednesday
Herb blend
Let's refresh with herb hot spring!
We prepare the herb blend for every season. If you take herb essence in your body, you will relax and your immunity might become much better.

■Special herb blend (only Saturday and Sunday)
theme: Refresh & Relax

Opening hour for winter season (1/12~3/15)
Not open for weekdays. (sometimes, open. please ask)
Saturday・Sunday・Holidays: 13:00~22:00(last reception: 21:00)