FINAL roadshow of "simplife movie roadshow" from Tiny House Road movie caravan is held at 5/27(Sat).

A publication day:2017-05-20

"simlife movie roadshow! from Tiny House Road movie caravan, held in many places in Japan, came back to Yatsugatake and played FINAL roadshow in "Oishii gakkou"
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Photo slideshow in every place showed up at the end.
Final roadshow of "simplife movie roadshow" of "Open House series" had many stories.
Also, talking show by answering to your guest question was held.

Time: Open house & Tiny market AM10:00~
18:00~Roadshow (about 1H15min)
■Story of simple life with homemade hose
*Made by focusing on passion who lives in the house
*Various lifestyle cannot be descripted simply as "Tiny House"
19:30~ Dialogue(Talking show / 30min~1H)

*Tiny market is held at same hours.

【what is simplife】
Shape of new happy life. We went West coast in America to find tiny and various life style, community co-existence by visiting Pioneers of "Tiny House movement"

■What is tiny house?
Jay Jeffer constructed tiny house on the trailer and it attracted media's attraction. Then, the sprits of "better quality, not quantity" fixed as lifestyle for re-considering people about relationship with money and environment as a "Tiny house movement"

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simplife Production Office
Mail : Heads & Co. Mr. Takeuchi)

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